Thursday, June 01, 2006

Barbecue, Bar-b-que, BBQ

A greater truth has not been spoken:

I believe that like sunshine and great sex, no day is bad that has barbecue in it.

Read, or listen, to the rest of the article here. It brought tears to my eyes and made my salivary glands tingle.

I loves me some barbecue. For me, it's like this great equalizer, eaten by everyone from ditch-diggers to presidents. Like the author says, you can eat it off of china (though you'd be pushin' it) or paper plates or no plates at all. There's something about setting that plate in front of you and smelling some good smoked meat, and whatever sides you may choose (potato salad and cole slaw are my usual choices), a couple of slices of white bread, and of course, the sauce....

I know, being in Texas, there are those out there who say sauce is unnecessary or forbidden and they're entitled to their incorrect opinion. Barbecue sauce is my #1 condiment. Ketchup & salsa can suck it. I like it with a little spice and not too watery. Kansas and the Carolinas can have their sweet stuff, but give this Texans a touch of heat, just enough to make my nose run.

So, where to for lunch?


At 7/09/2008 11:36:00 PM, Blogger vobbie said...

Yes I do agree... i miss texas bbq!


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