Sunday, May 07, 2006

His best moment... president of these here United States of America??

Removing the Taliban government in Afghanistan?
Capturing Saddam Hussein?
No Child Left Behind?
Medicare D?
Patriot Act?
Establishing the Dept. of Homeland Security?
Getting re-elected?

No. All those things pale in comparison to catching a 7.5 lb perch.

Look, in case you haven't guessed, I'm not a fan of this president. Unlike Republicans in the Clinton years who had their "He's not my president" bumper stickers, this guy is my president because I haven't stopped being an American, like him or not. And I would hope that his answer to said question would be one of those things I listed above, in spite of the fact that I think most of them are, in some way, detrimental to the betterment of this nation. (The only exception: taking out the Taliban was a good thing; if only we could have finished the job.) At least they're major accomplishments on a national scale that do affect the country. One would think his answer would reflect as much, but one would be wrong.

Y'know, I wouldn't mind having a president whom I'd like to have a beer with. But you know, while we're drinking our brews, I wouldn't want to talk about his 'ranch' or baseball or flying jets in the National Guard or what he's reading in the john or what he ate for dinner the night before. I'd be more interested in foreign policy, energy independence, how corporations came to take precedence over individuals in Congress, and I'd hope the president would be able to converse with me meaningfully on those subjects.

I sure wouldn't give a fuck about a fish.

UPDATE: perch? bass? Whatever. Though, as I was writing the initial post, I was remembering going fishing as a kid and all the little perch I used to catch. None of them were ever anywhere close to 7 lbs.


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