Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Go Hoyas!

22 Georgetown law students turned their backs on Attorney General Gonzales, during a speech he gave yesterday about the domestic wiretapping scandal. No shouting, no disturbance, they just stood up as 4 students dressed in black, hooded robes (a la the Abu Ghraib photo) walked in with the banner seen above, and everyone turned around. I don't give a fuck about spying on terrorists who want to blow people up, even if the terrorists are in the US and American citizens. Nope, spy on American citizens all you want. I don't care because I've got nothing to hide.

I just want them to do me one favor.

Do it within the confines of the law of the land. It's called the Constitution, assholes, and it was probably the first thing your government or civics teacher mentioned in class. We are a nation of laws, not one of men and women. And if you can't do it within the law, and if you can't get the law changed to allow it? Then. You. Can't. Do. It.


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