Thursday, July 07, 2005


The Mrs. and me were there with Mother slight almost 2 years ago. We all had a really great time, and fell in love with the city. Sorry to any New Yorkers checking in, but I think we'd move to London before the Apple. We had a flat in Bethnal Green in the East End that Mother slight got thru a an old work contact. Every day, we'd step out of our building that used to be a school in the Victorian days, and walk down the street past the multi-colored faces, the corner shops, and the Buddhist center to a little restaurant run by Greeks where we'd have our English breakfasts. Then it was on down the street to the Bethnal Green Underground Station where we'd catch the Central (red) line into central London.

The next stop was the Liverpool St. Station, where some of today's victims emerged from the tube.

We switched to other lines there and wandered around it's neighborhood some, too, as it was the haunt of Jack the Ripper and I kind of have an interest in that.

That bus. Shit.



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