Wednesday, March 22, 2006

South by Last Post

One last thing, a complaint, that I hope some SX person sees. Or if they send out a comment card, I'm definitely writing this on it...

I was really disappointed that there was no locally-produced intro clip at the film screenings. When did these stop? I understand the corporate sponsors contributing something and wanting their brand out there as much as possible. This is what happens as an entity grows and change is inevitable. I guess I'd always thought that part of what made SX so great was how essential Austin was to it. Well, with Austin comes the people--musicians, filmmakers, etc.--who make the city, and its culture, what it is. And here was a great opportunity for some locals to get something up on the screens. As I recall, there was generally 3 different intros filmed, so there was always the chance the audience would see something new, while there was only one IFC intro. Ultimately, and selfishly, this was something that Rob and I looked forward to doing, or at least putting our names in the hat to be considered, and now I don't think that will happen.


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