Thursday, September 08, 2005

2 pics

One fake, one real. Both speak volumes.

fyi: has some interesting updates from the gulf and also houston. some guys from austin tried (still are i think) to set up a low-power fm station to give out info to all the people. they were made to jump thru many red-tape hoops (get 10k radios, get fcc approval) and did but someone w/the astrodome is denying them. man, i hate that town.

another post was about some people in oklahoma taking supplies to a currently unused shelter. the shelter is a bunch of cabins w/ kitchens owned by a church. fema said the evacuees would not be allowed to use the kitchens due to fire liability. the church is not going to be allowed to come in and cook for the people b/c different cabins could get different meals and might riot. fema will provide 2 meals/day. nor will the people be allowed to attend the church housing them. they will be confined to the shelter (semi-concentration camp?) for 5 months and not allowed to leave. can't look for work? can't look for a real home?


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