Wednesday, February 02, 2005

A Change in the Scenery

I'm going to try and get away from this being review-centered. I don't like the way they're coming out. There will probably still be some here and there, but hopefully not every entry. That's not who I am, and not the kind of writer I want to be so why do that?

The cat wants attention (she's laying over my arms as I type) and the Mrs. will be home soon, also wanting attention, so I'm going to go.

I may have backed myself up against a wall with a decision I made yesterday not to take a job. But I think I needed to do it, to push myself. We shall see. That earlier post about Mr. Q certainly played a part, because I passed up some money but, well, fuck it. I would have been putting myself in a position that probably would have made me unhappy and that's not what we, or more specifically, I, need to be doing. Now, to quit talking the talk and start walking the proverbial walk.


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